Since May 2015, NERYS is able to provide turn key solution for Generating Torsional Vibrations with an electrical engin.

Using NERYS standard solution you can :

  • Add acyclism feature to your actual electrical engine (performance may depend on global inertia of you actual test rig)
  • Quickly build a Acyclism Test Rig by using COTS products with certified performance (view specification in document)

VEGA Solution is declined in two version :
  • Standard Solution = VASCO + PC + Real-Time Controler , all is fully integrated in a 19'' electrical cabinet
  • Full Solution = VASCO + PC + Real-Time Controler + Electrical Engine* + Encoder

*Use our standard engine to reach the performance in the document, or we can help you to choose the engine that meet your needs

VASCO Supervision can be optional, you can use your own supervisor to set acyclism level directly by using the API provided by NERYS 

Vega acyclism composition



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